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Saudi SASO power cord



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Mainly used in Home appliance,equipment,power tools and so on;


Approval: SASO OEM: Yes
Current voltage: 220V Overall diameter£º: Criterion/OEM
Current rating: 3A,13A Outer Mold Material: PVC/CPE/Equivalentcompound
Number of Poles and Wires: 2 pin£¬3 pin Blade Material: Nickel coated Brass
Cable End Termination Options: ALL Contact Pin: Nickel coated Brass
Color: ALL Conductor: Bare or tinned stranded Copper
Connection pin: ALL Cycle Time: 15-20workdays
Environment Protections: ROHS,REACH,PAHS Packing: Standard Carton
MOQ: 2000PCS Samples: Free

Cable Type:

H03VV-F 2*0.5mm2-0.75mm2

H03VV-F 3*0.5mm2-0.75mm2

H03VVH2-F 2*0.5mm2-0.75mm2

H05VV-F 2*0.75mm2-1.0mm2-1.5mm2

H05VV-F 3*0.75mm2-1.0mm2-1.5mm2

H05VVH2-F 3*0.75mm2-1.0mm2

A05VV-F 2*1.25mm2

A05VV-F 3*1.25mm2

H03RT-F 3*0.75mm2-1.0mm2

H05RN-F 2*0.75mm2

H05RN-F 3*0.75mm2-1.0mm2




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Saudi SASO power cord